First sight……

The very first writing starting with the very first sight😍……. Cool breeze, hairs flying, pink lips, and beautiful face….  This was not the case 🙁…. The opposite side was actually in my case, tears running down her eyes…. Head placing on her books on the desk, could see the books wet by her tears…. Went close to her with fear to ask what was wrong…? How to wake her up and ask😓..??  Finally made a move placed my hands on hers and asked  why she was crying….  No response again put her head on the desk back…. 😞😞   Dint stop my attempt to ask her asked her again with a louder voice…..  She raised her head and said nothing i am alright…..!   Oh god does anyone cry when they are fine? Caught her hands in mine and asked will you please tell what happened……? The answer was her friends had made her alone in her class😐😐😐   they were not considering her to any of the activities so she felt lonely and when it had reached worst extent she had started crying in the class room……

This is how the first sight of mine was…. 

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